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Prefer a good story? Keep reading for a Blobble fairytale which will surely tickle your senses 👇
Welcome to another exciting year at Blobble University, where knowledge meets opportunity!
Once upon a time in the magical world of Blobble, a young, curious Blobble named Blinky set out on a grand adventure. Blinky was eager to explore the vast world around him and meet all the fascinating characters that called Blobble World their home.
Blinky's journey began with his beloved owner, who understood the importance of keeping their Blobble well-fed, happy, and healthy. Every day, they fed Blinky with the finest food and drinks, showering him with love and affection. They even paid a small fee to ensure Blinky stayed completely satisfied for a whole week.
More than love
As Blinky and his owner shared their love, they discovered that their bond brought them more than just happiness. It also earned them BST tokens daily! The older Blinky grew, the more tokens they received. They learned that this was all thanks to the Blobble treasury, which was continually replenished with 70% of Blobble sales and 100% of Blobble feedings.
One sunny day, Blinky stumbled upon a wise old Blobble named Sage. Sage explained to Blinky the secret behind BST tokens: they were backed by the stablecoin bnUSD. "Initially, 1 BST can be redeemed for 1 bnUSD, young one," said Sage. "And as more minting and redeeming happens, the value of BST tokens will continue to rise. It's one of the many wonders of Blobble World!"

And there’s even more

Excited by this knowledge, Blinky continued his journey and soon met a cheerful iDoge NFT holder, who showed him another way to earn even more BST tokens. By holding an iDoge NFT, Blobble owners could receive an additional 5% daily payout from the Blobble treasury.
Next, Blinky encountered the Eye on ICON node, Blobble's best friend. The Eye on ICON node revealed that if Blinky's owner voted for it, they would receive 25% of the node rewards in BST tokens. And if Blinky was well taken care of, the rewards would increase by an additional 25%. It was a fantastic deal, and Blinky couldn't believe his luck.
As Blinky ventured further, he met other Blobble friends, including the proud owners of iDoge and 16-bit Fight Club NFTs. These friends explained that their NFTs granted them an extra 10% and 5% rewards, respectively, from the Eye on ICON validator.
Throughout his adventure, Blinky met many fascinating characters who helped him understand the incredible world of Blobble and the rewarding mechanics it offered. With each new friendship and discovery, Blinky's life became richer and more exciting.
And so, Blinky the Blobble continued to explore, laugh, and grow in the ever-evolving, enchanting world of Blobble, knowing that with each new day, he and his owner would reap the rewards of their love and dedication.
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