How to earn BST token

There are multiple ways to earn BST token, pay attention to all of them!

Healthy Blobbles earn BST for their owner!

Every day, 1.5% of the Blobble Treasury gets distributed to Blobble owners.

The Blobble Treasury

The Blobble Treasury gets filled with BST from:
  • New Blobble Mints
  • Re-occuring Blobble Caretaking fees
  • Market sales of Blobbles
  • 15% of Eye on ICON validator rewards
  • Staking rewards via ICX acquired from iDoge sales and staked to Eye on ICON
All the above flows are directed into bnUSD which is then used to mint BST before it flows into the Blobble Treasury.

Get more BST by owning older healthy Blobbles

Older Blobbles generate more BST tokens for their owner. A linear distribution is in place, favoring old and healthy Blobbles.
Want to get your hands on an old Blobble? Check out the Blobble Marketplace or the Orphanage.

Get more BST by holding an iDoge NFT

Blobble owners who own an iDoge NFT, get .5% more BST distributed to them.
Get yourself an iDoge NFT here today!

Voting for the Eye on ICON validator node earns you BST token!

Eye on ICON validator node rewards are used to mint BST every day.
  • All Eye on ICON votes get 25% distributed to their wallets
  • Own a Blobble and keep it healthy, you will earn a share of up to an addition 25% distributed to your wallet
  • Owning a 16 bit fightclub OG collection nft will earn you an additional 5%
  • Pro tip: Add a 16BFC and a iDoge NFT to your collection and become eligible to earn up to 65% of the node rewards.

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