How to adopt a Blobble

This is how you save neglected Blobbles from the Orphanage and adopt them into your tribe

Visit the orphanage

You will find neglected unhealthy Blobbles in the Blobble Orphanage. It is a sad place to hang around and not a single Blobble wished to reside there.

By visiting the Blobble Orphanage, you will be able to browse along the Blobble that are available for adoption.

Bring a Blobble back to health and adopt

After clicking the Adopt button on an orphan Blobble, you will be presented with the minimum amount required to get it back to healthy status.

Older Blobbles will cost more to nurture back to health. Adopting an older Blobble does have an upside though, as older Blobble earn more BST token.

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